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Transport aérien

   MK AERO Manufacturing of critical components for critical applications:

temperature sensors, flexible heaters

A major player in aerospace, automotive, motor sports, defense and energy sectors, Mecachrome designs and makes high value-added parts, systems and structural assemblies.

Based in France, Mecachrome utilizes its operational excellence and innovation capabilities to better serve its customers.

Thanks to its strong assets – expertise, efficiency, competitivity, responsiveness-, Mecachrome has become a worldwide leader in the sector of precision mechanics.

Its highly qualified employees, ultra-efficient equipment, and a global production area of more than 125 000 m² allow Mecachrome to develop value-added solutions for its customers.

A Tier 1 integrator Mecachrome brings comprehensive solutions to its customers and positions itself as the ideal partner for the execution of the most ambitious projects. Located in Europe, North America and North Africa on 10 production sites, Mecachrome is the strategic partner of major industrial players in the sectors of aerospace, automotive, motor sports, defense and energy. Mecachrome reported revenues of 230 million euros in 2011 and employs more than 1 900 people in the world.



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