• Adresse: M'HAMID maata Alah, 40 000 Marrakech
    Ville : MARRAKECH
  • Tel: 0651925398 /
    Gsm: 0651925398

Huile argane

   Founded in ESSAOUIRA, ARGANisme company’sprimary objective was to service to all size of companies. Prior to starting , ARGANisme held cooperatives positions at many of the leading suppliers.

Born in ESSAOUIRA, the fonders of ARGANISME had a respect for nature at an early age and was keenly of our impact on the environment. Sustainability initiatives are part of our core vision.

-Organic Producer of Argan Oil
-Organic Producer of Prickly Pear Seed Oil
-Producer of cream, shampoo, soap…etc
-Tax free for export (EUR1 Exporter)
-Our raw material suppliers have met rigorous supplier specification
-Lot coding is used for every production batch we manufacture. This enables us to follow the product’s manufacturing date and receipt of raw materials used




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