Transport touristiques

   Houssaine Sabri, a Berber from the Dades Gorge in the southern region of Morocco, founded MoroDiscover so he could share his passion for travel and his country. The philosophy of MoroDiscover is based on helping tourists discover the treasures of Morocco as you would with a trusted friend – connecting you to its people, places and cultures.

His knowledge of the travel and tourism industry comes years of first hand experience, from both the service side and the client side. His work experience includes several years in Marrakech’s up-market guesthouses. He has also had the privilege to travel in Europe, North America and the Caribbean and be a guest in several of the world’s great cities – London, New York, Chicago, Boston, Seattle and New Orleans.

In the future, Houssaine hopes to further expand MoroDiscover and create a few small guest houses across Morocco, starting with Marrakech and, of course, his beloved village in the Dades Gorge.




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